Stiff and unbending is the principle of death.
Gentle and yielding is the principle of life.

Thus an Army without flexibility never wins a battle.
A tree that is unbending is easily broken.

The hard and strong will fall.
The soft and weak will overcome. ...Lao Tzu 
Medical research & publications show that Tai Chi and Qigong practice can aid in better overall health, increased vitality and longevity. 

Tai Chi is a form of exercise that consists of learning and performing a series of movements that are relaxed, gentle and fluid, and it can be practiced almost anywhere and by anyone. It is especially beneficial to seniors and kids, as well as teens and adults regardless of age or fitness level.
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Our mission is to serve as a platform, to offer ideas on healthy living through informative and alternative exercise classes, and to help improve the quality of life of individuals, thus contributing to a 
healthier community.
        Continuous practice of Tai Chi can lead to:

  • Stress reduction, promoting a healthier immune system
  • Lowering of blood pressure
  • Improved concentration and memory
  • Better posture and improved balance
  • Increased endurance and flexibility
  • promotion of body, mind, spirit integration
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