Shahab Sean Medi, founder of i tai chi for health, has always had an affinity with exercise and fitness since childhood. He liked swimming, hiking, soccer and started to take martial arts classes at the age of 13. He also experimented with weights and exercise gadgets in different periods of time, to fulfill his interest.
 Years later, while exploring different subjects of his personal interests, he became curious to understand the various ways in which world cultures, from tribal to modern, or simple to complex, interpret and view the world in general, but especially in ways in which they approached life to find the balance between wealth, happiness, health, nutrition and physical movement in their daily lives.

He came to the realization that in life, each individual has to mindfully search to find a balance between all aspects of his "own" life, and that a healthy interaction between different, yet interdependant and complementary dimensions of the individual, may be the key to success in the human experience. 

As a result, and in the years to follow, he went through a remarkable transformation.To begin with, and in order to balance a mostly sedentary career as an owner and manager of an Orthodontic Laboratory, he decided to become physically more active. He started walking more often, and practice Yoga and meditation. Later, he was able to curb his unproductive habits and change his routines. He quit smoking, stopped drinking, began to eat healthier and lost weight. He started a new approach with increased attention and focus on issues such as health, nutrition, exercise and spirituality among others. 
Soon after, with some experience in martial arts, combined with increasing interest in internal cultivation, he magically found himself crossing paths with Tai Chi and Qigong, that for him, embodied the most perfect balance of mind, body and spiritual integration.

Since then, he passionately continues his studies that focus on the different aspects of this ancient and profound art form. He also finds it integral to keep informed on regular forms of exercise, and up-to-date by participating in different workshops. He follows publications and scientific research on health and fitness, such as the guidlines by the American College of Sports Medicine, the Arthritis Foundation, the US Surgeon General’s Vision for a Healthy and Fit Nation and UCLA.

  He enjoys continually accumulating, and sharing his knowledge and experience by volunteering in the community and through offering classes.
Certified Tai chi and Qigong Instructor
Certified Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi & Exercise Instructor
CPR Certified, American Heart Association
ACSM personal Training workshops

Volunteer Work:
Tai Chi Instructor, YMCA, Santa Monica
Tai Chi Instructor, (CalVet) Veterans Home of California, West Los Angeles
Move Well Program Instructor,  Beach Cities Health District, Redondo Beach
Fitness Team, Center for Health & Fitness, Beach Cities Health District, Redondo Beach
Tai Chi Instructor, Joslyn Community center, Manhattan Beach
Member, Whole Health Pro , Healthways
Member, American College of Sports Medicine
Member, International Association for worksite health promotion
Member, Arthritis Foundation
Member, UCLA Alumni Association

and continuing education classes and workshops on Tai Chi, Qigong and Martial Arts with Master Tsao, Master Hsing, Dr Liu, Dr Zhang, and Arthritis foundation's tai chi program.

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Tanaz, herself a Tai Chi student, is our instructor's assistant in theTai chi for Kids classes. 

Her volunteer work and studies in child education and developement makes her the perfect candidate for this position. Her insight and experience in developing and implementing this class is invaluable. 

She is also currently attending UCLA, pursuing a second degree towards a career in the health field. 

UPDATE: Tannaz is now a registered nurse working in ER at a local  hospital in the South Bay ans is not currently assisting classes due to her busy schedule.
Sonya,helps with our administrative duties, when needed,
organizing class hours , or 
preparing for our visiting Master workshops as they become available.
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